October 18, 2010

I Just Don't Get It

I read/watch/listen to the news usually everyday (shocking, no?).   And sometimes there is a story that just makes you say WTF?  Even though it affects absolutely no aspect of my life whatsoever it just got under my skin. 

Gloria Allred is representing the family of Katharina Brow who are suing Hillary Swank for the making of her new movie Conviction.   Let me nutshell this......  Katharina Brow was murdered in 1980.   Kenneth Waters was WRONGLY convicted of her murder and was finally released when better DNA testing proved it was not him.  Katharina Bow's family does not dispute any of this - Kenneth Waters was wrongly convicted while the true killer walked free.

Gloria, I will do anything for a buck and to get in front of the camera, is suing Hillary Swank who directed and starred in the movie because "no proper respect or compassion has been shown by Ms. Swank for the murder victim and her family".   The family has stated they are hurt the movie didn't care about the victim.  They say this because they were not contacted during the making of the movie.

Let me state the obvious, it is absolutely tragic that this woman was murdered and the damage/hurt/pain done to her family irreparable .  No one would wish this kind of tragedy to befall anyone.  Katharina Brow is a victim as are her survivors.  We can all feel for them BUT the movie is NOT about her.   It is in fact about a second victim - the one who spent 20 years in jail wrongly convicted of the crime - Kenneth Waters.  They are both victims of a tragic event.  The movie is about the fight of the Water's family (specifically his sister whom Swank portrays) to clear his name.

The movie spends a fraction of time on the actual crime.  That is not the story they are telling.   The story is about a man losing 20 years of his life and the ordeals his sister went through to find the truth and free her brother.   I wonder if what is truly at the basis of the Brow's hurt is that the movie was not about their victim.  Hollywood loves a good story - and Kenneth Water's sisters story has it in spades.

As much as it hurts the Brow family, the murder itself is almost a footnote - the precipice of what changed this man's life forever.   The movie is not about Katharina.  I don't think Hillary Swank or anyone associated with the movie owes the Bow family anything.  Could they have included them in their research.  Yes, of course.  But is their lack of etiquette lawsuit worthy??   They did do their research with the Waters family who say that the story is an accurate portrayal of the events surrounding Kenneth.  

If anything Gloria might want to consider suing the police department for running such a shitty investigation.   Of course the camera's wouldn't be present for that lawsuit.  Nowadays it seems as though the lawyers are more obsessed with becoming celebrities than they are about handling legitimate cases.    The US is a ridiculously lawsuit happy country full of lawyers looking for their 5 minutes of fame.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. Gloria is disgusting. I completely agree with you.

middle child said...

People like Gloria make me sick. It's all about the money. It's always all about the money!

Grimmgirl@aol.com said...

Libel and slander, ok. But, you hurt our feelings? I don't think so!

Unknown Mami said...

All I know of this is what you have written, but it seems like a ridiculous lawsuit. Perhaps they should just get their story made into a movie.