April 27, 2011

Why I am not concerned about my childrens safety and comfort.

I had to go into the school this am and talk to Z-Toad's teacher.  It will be 80 here today and I told the kids not to bring their jackets because the school's policy is that they wear out to recess whatever they were sent to school in.  Completely stupid.  Wouldn't want anyone to exercise reason or common sense.

I made an error in judgment last month - okay, well I didn't the weather morons got it wrong.  It was suppose to increase in temperature by the afternoon and it did not.  When the kids left school it was cool, wet, and miserable.  And - gasp - shock - they came out of school had to walk 2 whole minutes to get to the car in short sleeve shirts.  I hardly think it killed them.

Here is the thing.   I DRIVE them to school every morning and I pick them up at the end of school.   The only time they are outside is during a 20 minute recess.   I suppose you could count the 5 minutes in the am before school and the 5 minutes in the afternoon after school.   They are not on a bus - they are not waiting outside for anything - they don't have to walk 3 miles uphill in 4' deep snow.   Get it?   The teacher's know this.

So this morning Z-Toad is having a complete meltdown over not having a jacket cause he was going to loose recess.  His teacher says they have to bring a coat or they don't get recess.  Oh really?  I tell Z-Toad I am your Mom and I trump teacher every time.   Z-Toad is now sobbing "MOM"!!!! 

In the school I go to talk to Z-Toad's teacher.
Comments in red are what I should have said.

Me: Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that Z-Toad does not have a jacket today.  He seems to think he will lose his recess.
Teacher:  Oh no.  That is fine for today.   It was that other time when it was like 30 out and he didn't have a coat.  That day there was an issue.
Me: Bitch - L E T     I  T      G O    Well yes that was my error.  The weather was not suppose to get that bad.   Although it was not 30 degrees that morning.
Teacher:  You realize as his teacher I am concerned for his safety and comfort.
Me: Whew!!!!  I can just take that off my parenting "things to do" list if you have that covered.  Perhaps you should be more concerned about 2 brats kids playing "Tackle Zachary" at recess resulting in him getting a big huge bruise on his forehead.   Well as his mom I think I can decide whether or not he needs a jacket.
Teacher:  We are just concerned for the kids.
MeApparently listening is not a high priority for the superior parent/teacher.   Again I am perfectly capable of deciding what my children should wear on any given day.   My older toad has an issue where he doesn't sweat.  When he gets overheated he turns pale, feels like he is going to vomit, and gets a headache.   He physically doesn't sweat.   The doctors still haven't been able to figure out why.   But since he was born - he does not sleep with covers.  Ever.  30 degrees below zero - no covers.  As his mom I always want to make sure that all the teachers are aware so that nothing more drastic happens to him.   So I am very sensitive to the "safety and comfort" of my children.
Teacher: Is the lack of sweat due to him being dehydrated?  Maybe he just needs more liquids?
Me: Holy Shit you are a pediatrician too?   Wow you is wicked smart.  I will let the doctors know that you have solved this medical mystery that has plagued them for 8 years in like 30 seconds.  And without seeing his medical history or even a physical exam!!!!    Well I am sure the doctors at Children's Hospital have looked at that in conjunction with the battery of other tests they have run.  But as I have said they are still not sure why he doesn't sweat "normal".   All I am told is that if he starts feeling sick and is uncomfortable that he needs to move out of the heat.

All this over a stupid jacket.  
Maybe tomorrow I will send him in a bathing suit ;)



Anonymous said...

Democrats I'm betting!

middle child said...

I hate this! People are always saying that the parents are to blame for the way these kids are "nowadays" because the parents just let the kids do whatever they want, they don't care or pay attention. And then along comes you, a real parent. And you have to listen to an idiot teacher who thinks she knows what's best for your kid? I love the part about dehydration. I s'pose you would have gotten in trouble(or at the very least, put in a time-out) had you told her to mind her own fucking busness?

Anonymous said...

Don't your kids go to private school? You should have reminded the teacher that you are actually paying her salary with your tuition checks.

Tracie said...

@anon - Hi Babe! - they are SO all democrats!

@middlechild - honestly i wanted to say to here - shouldn't you be chatting with the parent whose child never brings in their homework? Or how about the ones that can't keep their hands to themselves? He only has a few more months with her.

@wasteland - yes they do and yes i do. and if i went to the headmaster the word coat would never be uttered again to me but i thought we could handle it like adults or parent to parent type of thing. there are folks at the school that need her to act as a surrogate parent as well as a teacher but i am not one of them.

BluEyedBader said...

You are right in your comments that sometimes the teacher has to act as a surrogate parent to some kids... that in itself is what is the saddest thing of all.

My daughters teacher does the same thing as this teacher, and it drives me nuts too. I dont need a teacher to tell me how to parent my child... unfortunately I think we are now the exception to that rule.