March 29, 2011

Selective Hearing......

My business involves traveling to different locations.  We unload our product, set up for a few days, and then the whole thing in reverse.   Hopefully the reverse process takes much less time as we are loading empty crates to take back.

When a show is local I can sometimes get  hubby to go setup for me.  
Just Stop.
Save all of your "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww - what a nice guy" comments. 
There is always a motive!!! 
A L W A Y S!!!!
He does this because my back is old and likes to kink up which can render me bed ridden.
And thus promotes him to Mr. Mom. 
A role that he does not like.   
If given the choice between doing a show or staying home with J-Toad & Z-Toad he picks the road.
In all fairness on most days the show is much less stressful :)
I mean that with much LOVE for the toads!
Just in case you read this and think you can use it in therapy.

Once I arrive at the show the organizer Cris says "Boy is your husband whipped." 
Well - ahem - yes...........
Damn - Did those pictures get out onto the internet?!?

Oh thats not what you meant?  {{blush..}}

Flash back to the evening before......
The tv is on in the background. 
Probably with a movie Mr. Toad has seen 27 times.

Me: Can you give Cris (the show organizer) a message when you get there?
Mr. Toad:  What?
Me: I will be there tomorrow morning (Friday) but I have to leave to get the kids from school at 2. I will be there all day/night on Saturday.
Mr. Toad:  (vaguely nods - a think I see a partial flicker in his eyes)
Me: Did you hear me?
Mr. Toad:  (exasperated WITH an eye roll - and he says he can't multi-task!!) Yes.
Me: What are you suppose to tell Cris?
Mr. Toad: Who is Cris?
Me: {{Bitch face}}
Mr. Toad: What?
Me: {{still bitch face trying to figure out if thinks he is being funny}}
Me: {{nope - not joking - OMFG}}  Are you serious??
Mr. Toad: What?  Are you going to stop talking so I can leave?
Me: What did I say?
Mr. Toad: To take the stuff to the show.  Where is the show again?

I end up writing a note with what I wanted to Mr. Toad to tell her.  My INTENTION was that he would look at the note and then remember what to say to her.   I was not C L E A R.    He physically hands the note to Cris.  Cris says to him "Does she want me to sign this and give it back to you?"   ROFLMAO.  

So you can imagine my shock......
The TV surround sound on ten, the kids screaming, the phone ringing, while wearing his headphones, Mr. Toad can hear me whisper 2 floors away standing next to the running washing machine.......
"You wanna have sex tonight?"



Grimmgirl said...

I always thought the selective hearing thing would start when my husband and I got OLDER because I remembered as a kid seeing my parents go through this dance all the time. Now I realize my parents weren't old then at ALL. They were in their forties, just like I am now. Sigh. My kids must think we're ancient.

middle child said...

Yes. Oddly enough, they hear nothing but a sentence with the word sex in it. Gotta love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I'm SHOCKED at your husband's behavior.