October 22, 2011

Never Underestimate the Smart!

Recently we were suppose to go over a friend of mine's house for a monthly card party.   I was having just one of those days:  the kids were fighting each other from the second they laid eyes on one another that morning,  I had like 100 things to do (may be not quite that many but it felt that way), and I had been fighting a headache that day (after 10 motrin the throbbing in my head was just bearable).   So the thought of going to a house full of folks and then also putting my kids into the mix was not appealing.   I called said friend told her what was going on - begged her forgiveness and swore I would be a better BFF in the future. 

The problem was that Z-Toad LOVES to go to this friend's house.   It is mainly because Z-Toad loves women and there would be a house full to swoon all over him.   I had already hinted a few times that I didn't think I was up to going.  That put his mood from bad to thismuchshort of hell & fury. 

I figure that could Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast my 8 year old!!  
Yeah - not so much.

**Earlier that day I went to my hairdresser and had my roots touched up (please note they are not gray just a darker brown than I would like - ahem).  She also had to thin it.   I have a LOT of flippin' hair and it tends to grow horizontal thus the need for thinning shears.   For those 2 of you not in know - thinning your hair causes massive amounts of hair to be shed throughout the rest of your day.   I left my hubby's car with a lovely hair blanket on his drivers seat (you're welcome babe!).**

Then the light bulb went off.........

I went upstairs to toss my head under the tub just to get the last of the cut hair out.   I then called another friend and asked her to call me back.    The phone rang and then after waiting some time I yelled downstairs "That was XXX who called,  XXX (her daughter) is sick so we can't go."    Pretty slick, huh?  I am smarter than my second grader  =)
It was a proud moment folks!!! 

Z-Toad comes sauntering up the stairs with his Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and top hat looking like the cat that ate the canary.

Z-Toad:   "Mom, I don't think that is what really happened."   he says eying me suspiciously
Me:  "Oh really, Z-Toad?    And how would you know if XXX is sick?"
Z-Toad: "Well the phone didn't say XXX name when it rang it said another name.   So it wasn't XXX who called.   You lied mommy."
Me:  crap - crap - crap - think - think - think - can't let 8 year old win.....
Me: "Z-Toad Mommy would never lie to you.   I am hurt you would think that."
Me: damn talking phones - damn hubby who has to have every technology under the sun.....
Me: "Well for your information Mr. Smartypants, she called from the doctor's office phone cause she wanted to let us know.   That is why the name was different."
Z-Toad:  "Mom!   I want to text her."
Me: "Z-Toad would my hair be wet if I wasn't about to get ready to go?   Do you think I would have made the cookies downstairs to bring if I didn't plan on going?   Don't you think I am disappointed to?"
Z-Toad: "Oh" 
Z-Toad:  thinking....... thinking.......thinking......
Z-Toad:  "Mom that sucks you did ALL that work and then they canceled!   I am mad at XXX."
Me: "Well honey don't be mad at XXX it is not her fault that XXX is sick.   And girls get embarrassed when they get sick so don't bring it up and make her feel bad."

And then we had a somewhat peaceful (if you call brawling between J-Toad Hatfield & Z-Toad McCoy peaceful) night.   I also placed a phone call to the said BFF to explain what went on so that she could back me up because I know this little event is the first thing that Z-Toad will bring up.

What was even more funny was that we had plans later in the week with the same folks and they legitimately had to cancel!!!    Z-Toad says "AGAIN?!?!"    LOL
Well....... at least I think it was legit.


-ps- A funny from Z-Toad who discovered that he cannot see out of his mask for Halloween cause the eye holes are cut too small.  He tells me he understands why they are so small.....
"The mask was made in China and they can't open their eyes wide!"

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