January 14, 2011

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My boys are only 27 months apart but sometimes that seems like a lifetime. 

They are very different physically.  I have been asked on several occasions
"Do they have the same father?"
To which I respond in a whisper "I think so."  Then I give the  idiot person a look that says "this is just between you and me" and walk away.

Their personalities are just as diverse.....

After I told them that Nana broke her wrist: 
J-Toad - "Can I get back on my computer now?"
Z-Toad  - "Can we go see her so I can give her a hug?"
*Once we were at Nana's house Z-Toad put his hand on her cast and blessed her (doing the sign of the cross).*

When I ran over a squirrel:
J-Toad - "You should run it over again."
Z-Toad - "Shouldn't you go back and take it to the vegetarian?"

After they are punished (this occurs right after my head spins around):
J-Toad -  Um - Nothing - he usually sends in his brother to suck up make nice with me.
Z-Toad - "Mom, I love you big whole bunches."

After we dropped off toys to a house that supports kids with cancer:
J-Toad - "Can we catch it now?"
Z-Toad - "Do you think we could go back and I could play with some of the sick kids?"

When I say to them "Look at me when I talk to you":
J-Toad:   ROLLS his eyes until I swear they are looking out the back of his head.
Z-Toad:  "I am looking at you my beautiful mother."

Before Christmas, the boys school holds another event to suck in money the Christmas Fair.  The kids are encouraged to bring in money and purchase presents for family members.   I, as the parent, can send in a list of people they should buy for and how much money should be spent on each item.   Items range from .50 to $5.00.   I sent them both in with $5 and told them they could figure it out. 

J-Toad: Came home with 20 candy canes (.25 each) for himself.   And a bell on a ribbon around his neck that he made in class. 
Z-Toad: Came home with a present for J-Toad and TWO presents for me.  He was beside himself and begged me everyday to just open his presents.

So when Christmas Day came,  Z-Toad looked like he would internally combust if I did not open his gifts first.   And - TADA!!!! - here it is.   Z-Toad made sure to point out that both are in my favorite color!   

I know you all be hating on me - jealous bitches - all this for just $3 - who is stylin' now?? 
The ring is perfect for any finger as it comes complete with a pinch clasp!

Yes - I wore them all day.
Yes - My finger and ears turned green also.  But it is my favorite color so WIN!
Yes - Zachary lifted my hair most of the day - even suggested a haircut - to see the earrings.

J-Toad feeling somewhat guilty for not purchasing anything for anyone gave me this card:

Can someone tell me why my Christmas Card looks like a One-Armed Demon Valentine with Antennas?
Inside the card was the bell on the ribbon that he made in class.  
The item that cost him $0.
Technically making his Christmas present to me also

Happy 2011!


Cara said...

OMG....I am laughing all by myself with folks around me looking at me like I am crazy! I miss you!

middle child said...

Your boys are delightful. And I was wondering,..do they both have the same mother? - Ha!

Unknown Mami said...

I'm green with envy at both gifts. You got jewelry and a crazy heart card. What more could a mother want?

Anonymous said...

Your kids crack me up - especially since they remind me so much of my boys.

PS You could just wear your hair in a ponytail for a while so everyone can admire your green ears, er, earrings.

Grimmgirl said...

Fun post! For my recent b-day I told my boys I just wanted a hug and a kiss from each of them. Petey hugged and kissed me every chance he could get. At the end of the day I eventually had to tackle Jack and kiss him, as I am a girl and girls are gross.

Tracie said...

@cara LIKE?? "I am crazy"

@Middle Child - That is a very good question.

@Unknown Mami - Oh - I LOVE my gifts!!! And I love that they are so different.

@Snuggle Wasteland - Our boys would get along amazingly well!

@Grimm Girl - Our boys would also get along. That is exactly how mine would behave. I have a standing threat with my older one that he misbehaves around his friends I will grab him and give him big kisses ;)

Tracie said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jake (who reads my blog - most of them - and GETS IT) informed me that the picture was of a reindeer with a heart for a head!!!
Although he liked how I described it better :)